Visit to the Governor's Office
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This past Tuesday, April 28th was designated as Volunteer Firefighter’s Day at Legislative Hall. During the day DVFA members attending met with their respective legislators in the House and Senate to say “thank you” for last year’s legislative support and to discuss this year’s legislative issues and problems . Members of the DVFA Executive Committee met with Governor Markell on Tuesday April 28th. This meeting was held to review current firefighter issues with the Governor and to relay our “thanks” for the support that we received from the Governor and Legislature for the bills passed during last year’s session. Members from left to right are: DVFA Treasurer Allen Metheny, DVFA Executive Manager-Warren Jones, DVFA President-Anthony Guzzo, Governor Jack Markell, New Castle County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association President- Wally Poppe and Kent County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association President-Ken Ryder.

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