EMT of the Month Jen DeCarlo
Friday, April 1, 2016

Jen has been an EMT for 15+ years. She is a full time Firefighter/EMT & FTO with Felton Community Fire Company (Station 48) for 8 years. Jen consistently mentors the younger EMT’s as well as being a care provider and patient advocate. During a recent call, Jen took the initiative to make sure her patient received immediate care from hospital staff, after a simple ground level fall made a turn for the worse, resulting in what was altered mental status, but quickly became a stroke alert with the patient receiving a TPA. She then used that patient as a learning tool for two EMT students in the Polytech EMT program. Jen continues day in and day out to show what an amazing EMT she is and her co-workers, colleagues, friends and family see it as well. We thank you, Jen, for your selfless service to the citizens of Kent County.

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