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Part-Time EMT Posting

The Felton Community Fire Company is seeking to hire part-time time EMT/FF. Work period is a 12 or 24 hour shift schedule. Duty hours will be from 0700-1900 or 0700 to 0700. Applicants should be those who are self-motivated and of high moral character that can work under a stressful situation with limited supervision. Employees will be responsible for responding to EMS and fire calls, light janitorial and maintenance duties, as well as administrative duties.


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    Nature: Traffic Collision

    Location: Dover

    Address: South Dupont Hwy and Longacre Dr

    City: , DE

  • Fri Jun, 24 2022 @ 03:04

    Nature: Medical Emergency

  • Thu Jun, 23 2022 @ 19:27

    Nature: Medical Emergency

  • Thu Jun, 23 2022 @ 18:15

    Nature: Medical Emergency